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Windows 7 Professional

As a member of the McGill Electrical/Computer/Software Engineering community, we have access to a free download of Windows 7 Professional DVD from MSDN.


I decided to cleanse my secondary boot in to Ubuntu and give Windows 7 a try. I never used Vista and have always been an XP Professional user. After all the hype about Windows 7, I thought I might as well give it a shot.


I am glad I did! This operating system works. Yep..it just surprisingly...works. It does what you want it to do - setting up networks, connections, devices, applications, and day to day behaviour for the system all work as they should.


A few glitches persist for me at the moment. I believe the drivers for my graphics card/ toshiba screen (not sure which) aren't fully capable at the moment. So the control for screen brightness is not functioning at all.


A feature on the taskbar of having icons turn in to window tabs when the application is run is kind of efficient, but annoying when you find a button for a closed application in between two other tabs. For example, in the above picture if Outlook and Chrome are open, the two icons will become tabs and I will have Lightroom "Lr" button sandwiched in the middle.


I am pleasantly surprised by this version of Windows though- I highly recommend it to any one out there for your every day needs.


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Uploaded on September 13, 2009