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Daisies(?) - Fly pollinator - During | by Sabrina Kesler
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Daisies(?) - Fly pollinator - During

A. Flies visited this plant.

B. No. I figured that bees would pollinate these because bees usually pollinate flowers with yellow, blue, or purple petals.

C. approximately 1X4 = 4 flies per hour per flower. These flies were very difficult to see and virtually no other insect came anywhere near these daisies.

D. Flies were the only visible pollinator and there were around 4 per hour.

E. This site was lower. However, there were many flowers at this site and it was difficult to catch glimpse of the flies. I could have also had some bad luck and may have not seen other pollinating species.

F. Of course pollination can serve as a proxy for other ecological services. If plants are dependent on pollinators for reproduction, then pollinators indirectly influence things like air quality and soil production. For example, because plants are responsible for the oxygen in the air and for consuming much of the CO2 in the air, it is easy to see how pollinators that aid in the proliferation of new plants serve as a proxy for alternate ecological services.

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Taken on May 9, 2012