Butterflies, moths and caterpillars of Ecuador 2011
This trip was specifically for butterfly enthusiasts. We saw far more than expected at higher altitudes (Andes areas) and far fewer than expected at lower altitudes (Amazonian areas).
What separated this trip from previous butterfly trips was the huge amount of help given with ID. Thanks to Andrew Neild and Kim Garwood, to Ricardo for many of the skippers and various experts to whom more difficult species were forwarded.
This help made such a difference from the minimal (or non-existant) help given after any previous butterfly trip in spite of promises of such help.
I have been asked by one or two people about what tour I was on, so if interested here is a link. The tour was organised and led by Andrew Neild.
Errors in ID are probably due to me wrongly matching the name to my photo of what I thought was the same species.
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