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Seven Deadly Monsters: The Whole Gang From the Front

Front Row from Left: Envy, Greed, Vanity

Middle Row: Gluttony, Lust

Back Row: Sloth, Wrath


No matter what Envy here has, it's never enough. That's why he always has such a sour look in his face.


Greed here has one thing on his mind: your wallet.


Miss Vanity recently won the Beautiful Monster Pageant, and she hasn't let us forget it. From her neat fur to her trendy horns adorned with a bow, she's always camera ready.


You know what they say, you are what you eat. Just ask Gluttony here, who has eaten so much candy that he's turned into a piece.


You just have to take one glance at Miss Lust to know what's going through her mind.


Sloth can't be bothered to care. We can't even get him to straighten up his features, much less sit up straight.


Wrath is just perpetually pissed.


(Back pictures and individual portraits in my photo stream.)

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Taken on February 29, 2012