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Miners Mural - Ely, Minnesota - 22/365

Visiting Ely, Minnesota this weekend and passed this mural on the corner of Sheridan Street and Central Avenue. It reminded me that I had taken a photograph of the mural last year and never posted it. Perfect for my Archive 365 photo today. The mural is an Ely Greenstone Public Art work by Bill Defenbaugh. More about the history at red Ravine.


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Ely, Minnesota

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full post on red Ravine:

Miners Mural - Ely, Minnesota - 22/365




ARCHIVE 365: Since the completion of BlackBerry 365, I have missed a daily photo practice. There are so many photos from my archives that no one has ever seen but me. So I asked skywire7 if she wanted to do a daily practice for one year, taking turns posting an unpublished photograph from the past.


Archive 365 is a photo collaboration between skywire7 and QuoinMonkey featuring images from our archives. We will alternate posting once a day in our Flickr sets from July 1st 2012 through June 30th 2013. You can view our photographs at skywire7 Archive 365 set on Flickr and QuoinMonkey Archive 365 set on Flickr.


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Taken on July 23, 2011