Pontevedra Trolleybuses
Photographs from May 1988 of the last trolleybus system in Spain which closed in August 1989. It was also the last system in the world using only British built trolleybuses. These were of two types, both with an interesting history.

There were 5 Leyland 4 wheelers dating back to 1941 that were chassis ordered for China (Canton?) but due to the Japanese invasion of China were diverted to Spain in time to be bodied locally so that the system could open in 1943. They were originally right hand drive, but were converted to left hand drive around 1970 when driver only operation was introduced. Sadly, none were preserved.

The other trolleybuses were second hand BUT six wheelers which started life as double deckers in Barcelona (dewi.ca/trains/barcelon/pix/c0838.jpg), were then rebodied as single deckers, sold to Valencia and finally on to Pontevedra. 21 were owned, but no more than 8 were used at any one time. Those numbered 101 upwards were deemed to be replacements for ex London Q1 double deck trolleybuses. 102 is now preserved (but which 102 - see photos!) by the Associació d'Amics del Ferrocarril de Barcelona www.arca-bus.org/material/fitxes/AAFCB_troleE.htm
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