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Male Pelegrina galathea Jumping Spider

Found this little (~4mm) jumper on a cactus this morning.


There was a large Phidippus audax female about a foot away on the same cactus, and she appeared to be eyeing him. I don't know if she was planning on pouncing and attacking him, but when I noticed she was doing the little "getting ready to pounce" dance that jumping spiders do, I decided to go ahead and try to save this little Pelgrina from being the Phidippus' next meal.


I probably shouldn't have interfered with the situation, but I haven't had a chance to photograph a Pelegrina male in quite a while.


The above photo isn't particularly spectacular, but it is the best I could get as this guy was quite active. Smaller jumpers tend to be quite hyper it seems, he was just bouncing around like crazy.


Taken at ~4.5:1 magnification with a reversed 28mm at f/8 on some extension tubes.

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Taken on May 16, 2005