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Ebony Leaf Monkey | by ianmichaelthomas
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Ebony Leaf Monkey

This beautiful and very striking monkey reminds me of Elvis Presely or John Travolta from Grease!

Jet black hair, slicked back, wearing black leather jackets....


Perhaps my imagination has gone a little mad....


These forest dwelling Ebony Leaf monkeys are only found in Indonesia.

Unfortunately they are becoming critically endangered.

They are also known as lutungs. The lutungs are a group of Old World monkeys and make up the entirety of the genus Trachypithecus. Their range is split into two parts; one part is much of southeast Asia (northeast India, southern China, Borneo, Thailand, Java and Bali), the other part is extreme southern India and Sri Lanka. The majority of India has no lutungs. Most of the species in this genus can be referred to as lutungs, as langurs, or as leaf monkeys.

They live in groups of 5 to 20 animals, mostly in harems, i.e. a single male with several females. Young males must leave their birth group when fully mature, often forming bachelor groups. If a new male takes over a harem, defeating and scaring off the harem leader, it often kills the children of the group. Lutungs are territorial, with loud shouting to defend their territory from other lutung interlopers, resorting to force if the outsiders aren't scared off. They have a common repertoire of sounds with which they warn group members. Also, mutual grooming plays an important role.


Lutungs are herbivores, primarily eating leaves, fruits and buds. In order to digest the hard leaves, they developed a multichambered stomach.


Royal Melbourne Zoo, Parkville, Victoria, Australia


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Taken on September 28, 2008