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WWII LEGO Royal Canadian Navy Landing Craft Assault LCA651 (33rd AFV) | by LegoIiner PiIot
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WWII LEGO Royal Canadian Navy Landing Craft Assault LCA651 (33rd AFV)

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The Landing Craft Assault (LCA) was a landing craft used extensively in World War II. Its primary purpose was to ferry troops from transport ships to attack enemy-held shores. The craft derived from a prototype designed by John I. Thornycroft Ltd. of Woolston, Hampshire, UK. During the war it was manufactured throughout the United Kingdom in places as various as small boatyards and furniture manufacturers. The design was also produced in Commonwealth boatyards in the Far East.


Typically constructed of hardwood planking and selectively clad with armour plate, this shallow-draft, barge-like boat with a crew of four, could ferry an infantry platoon of 31, with space to spare for five additional specialist troops, to shore at 7 knots (13 km/h). Men generally entered the boat by walking over a gangplank from the boat deck of a troop transport as the LCA hung from its davits. When loaded, the LCA was lowered into the water. Soldiers exited by the boat's bow ramp.



My second naval AFV. :) I'm very proud of it, the only thing I didn't make accurately was the propeller guard (didn't have enough 3mm rigid hose). I especially like the port of registration "Halifax" on the back. Heavily inspired by both Rumrunner's (Ross's) LCA and Transparency's (Ben's) LCA. I really wanted to get propellers on this one as they are my favorite part of any ship. I didn't have enough sand blue to make it camo so I made it all white. Enjoy!

Features opening front doors and folding ramp, spinning propellers, room for 12 soldiers with backpacks and one driver skipper.


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