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Wehrmacht-captured Renault FT17 SD.KFZ 17/18R (f) (MY 30th AFV!!!) | by LegoIiner PiIot
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Wehrmacht-captured Renault FT17 SD.KFZ 17/18R (f) (MY 30th AFV!!!)

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First invented during WWI, the Renault FT17 was the first tank to become a model for all others: The driver sat in the front of the hull, the commander set in the middle, and the engine was located in the back. The FT17 also was to the first tank to enjoy a 360-degree rotating turret and was the most mass produced tank of the time.

After WWI ended, many countries seeked to buy the FT17, including the Bolsheviks and later Soviets. At the start of WWII the FT17 was still in service in France and held up when the Blitzkrieg (lightning war) came. After the overruning and occupying of France (and the defeat at Dunkirk), the FT17 was pressed into German service as the Sd.kfz 17/18 R(f). In 1944, when the Allies were starting to take back most of Paris, the FT17 was used as the Wehrmacht had lost most of it's Panzers on other fronts and other units were impossible to transport back to liberated France due to Allied security. By this time the FT17 was so outdated that even one Sherman commander said that even one shell could disintegrate it.

In all, the Renault FT was used by Afghanistan, Belgium, Brazil, the Republic of China, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, France, Nazi Germany, Iran, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Philippine Commonwealth, Poland, Romania, the Russian White movement, the Soviet Union, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.


MY 30TH AFV!!! :D


I've been wanting to do this for while, because I have a soft spot for any WWI vehicle that was used extensively during WWII also.

Can fit one fig in the driver's seat and one in the turret. Also has engine hatch and removable engine. Thanks guys!

Inspirations: Rumrunner, PhiMa', Fritz, Belgium WW2 Builder, Lego Pilot, Florida Shooter, Dutch Legoboy, DutchLego, Brickadir General, Legodutch, DoNe, DeltaForceGuy, TLB, Heer Kommandant, Rebla, The Brickologist, Project Azazel, Richard A. Walker, LegoUli, Mlucci, Russia Furious, Lego Major, and everyone else! Thanks for all your help and critique for making my army the way it is today. :)


Comments and faves most appreciatively welcome :3

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Taken on August 15, 2012