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LCC-GC2-Loreos-The Hall of Durough | by Calculus3.14
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LCC-GC2-Loreos-The Hall of Durough

Here is the the second part in the Lands of Classic Castle Second Global Challenge.


Durough. Why did it have to be all the way in Durough? Horatius thought as he walked through the streets.

“Why do you think the three provinces have been fighting over it all these years?” the man had asked.

“They sensed a powerful presence” For being so burly, the man had been quite intelligent.

Horatius had thought it odd that the man had been so forthcoming with information. So he asked the man about it.

“My family has had these answers for just over a century. When the Duke Wirklich Nervig approached my grandfather he felt such honor in him that he almost immediately answered yes. This honor my grandfather had, I don’t think I have it. I’m tired of this burden. It feels good to tell someone. I want to live my life without secrets for a change. You also promised me something…”

Horatius became quiet almost at once.

So here he was, wandering the streets of Durough searching for a building that matched the man’s description. After about an hour of mistakes and many apologies, Horatius found it. It was a medium-sized stone building made mostly of stone, though there were two stained glass windows the shapes of swords on one of the walls. Horatius had to look around the building three times, but he finally found the ivy-covered door. It wasn’t locked. Not a good sign, Horatius thought.

Once he was inside, Horatius allowed himself a moment to look around. The building consisted of only one room, a hall decorated with banners and coats-of-arms of the three nations. It might have been a grand throne room once, but it was rundown by decades of abandonment and emptiness. Horatius looked down at the book the man had given him. The two statues near the end of the hall matched the images in the book of Duke Wirklich’s personal soldiers. This is the place, Horatius thought.

Now Horatius turned his attention to four tables at the end of the hall, each of which, as Horatius noticed, had a sword placed on top of them. Which should I pick?

“Just remember these two things,” the man had said, “don’t forget the book, and remember, perseverance and concentration.”

Horatius now looked at the final lines in the book, and went to work.

Finally, after hours of starting and restarting, Horatius finally recovered the legendary sword of Karlamac. It had a black blade, which was really quite unusually flat and wide. Horatius believed he could already feel the sword’s strength and power surge into him. Only time would tell…


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Taken on August 11, 2012