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Snow Rainbow

UPDATE--- For those who follow the link all the way back to this photo. You most likely found this photo on Pinterest, or related blog. It most often is described as Christmas lights under the snow, or glow sticks, or even some say a real Snow Rainbow. None of these are true. This is a photo I took with a 15 sec. exposure. Meaning the camera recorded all light that passed in front of the lens for those 15. sec. I had a light wand that changed color, and I drug it through the snow bank. It was too far from my camera to get the look I wanted so before I posted it to Flick back in 2006 I cropped it up close. I titled it Snow Rainbow just because that is what it reminded me of, not to make people think it was a real rainbow in the snow. This of course was before Pinterest. When that came along, I posted it on a board entitled My Photos. Someone re-pinned it Christmas Lights Under the Snow, and before long everywhere I saw it, the mis-information continued to spread. I no longer have that board on Pinterest, because the account was hacked. I can say it is interesting how a zoomed in grainy photo has went around the internet one re-pin at a time.

Was listed at #8 for Dec. 6th 2006

Later listed at #3 but I never got a screen shot of it. Must of happened while I slept.

It also made it to #2, but not for long, because upon checking back it was well into the 100's spot. Who knows. Exciting but such a headache to try and catch that magical moment. Oh well, thank you everyone for stopping by.

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Taken on December 5, 2006