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Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier | by jeffmorgan011
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Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

So you’re surrounded by all your stuff, and you have a nice stack of cheap moving boxes you found on Craigslist and bought off of somebody that just completed their own move.


Now you have to put all of that stuff in all of the boxes and you are suddenly wondering how it’s going to be possible. Is it even possible at all? Well, it is, and only because enough people have compiled enough ideas that maximize your time and resources, thereby making the moving process as painless as it can be:


1)Label! Don’t be afraid to label your boxes. Like I said earlier, they were cheap moving Boxes , so you can afford to label them extensively. Even if you spent an arm and a leg on them it still sets you way back if you don’t even know what’s in them. Describe what is in the boxes and label what room in the house they are supposed to go in.


2)Plan ahead! If you have some time in between move-in and move-out, try going to the new house and giving it a good clean, or hiring someone else to do it. This is also the best time to do any painting if you want to change some colors.


3)Fortify! Put your glasses and cups inside of socks to protect them from clanking into each other during the move. Put saran wrap on top of all your toiletries and then screw the cap back on. Somehow these things always bust in transit, and it’s so annoying.


4)Maximize! If you are doing a local move, just take out your drawers and cover them with press n seal plastic. Doing stuff like this allows those cheap moving boxes to become even cheaper as you wind up needing to use less and less of them (because, let’s face it, we always need more boxes than we think do).


5)Prepare! Set aside sharpies, sandwich bags, tape, scissors. You will find that you will need to put little things like furniture screws in the sandwich bags, and then they will need to be labeled. Keep all of these things together so that you don’t lose any of it during the move.


6)Simplify! Take pictures of how your electronics are hooked up so that you know what goes where when you move into your new place. The last thing you do after bringing in all the boxes is fight with figuring out the TV. You just want to watch a movie and relax!


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Uploaded on August 15, 2016