First ride on the Bike Train since last fall

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    I don't know how many of these rides we have left ahead of us now that the girls prefer riding their own bikes. I also forgot just how much training this hefty rig requires of the legs... especially since the cargo ain't gettin' any lighter.

    1. JPTwins 34 months ago | reply

      When the trip involves some big streets or hills or is longer than 3-4 miles, we still use either the trail-a-bike or the xtracycle. that said, I should probably stop strengthening my legs, and force my kids to ride their own bikes.

      was it fun though? Definitely a cute picture!

    2. somervillebikes 34 months ago | reply

      Oh, it was fun as all get out. Same with us, 3-4 miles is the limit for them on their own bikes. In this case, we only had to go shopping in Porter Square, but we didn't have time to dawdle.

      I also rode one girl to soccer on Saturay on the tandem (without piccolo), on the other side of Somerville, and she was really embarrassed, and gave me a hard time about taking the tandem. She wanted to get off before we got to the field and walk, so her friends wouldn't see her on the tandem. But once she saw all the admiring smiles and cool comments from passers-by, she thought it was the coolest thing again. They're as proud as can be in this photo. Still, once the novelty wears off again they won't want to go near it. Kids can be so fickle.

    3. JPTwins 34 months ago | reply

      Anna said to me the other day, "People must think we're famous or somethign because they always say 'wow!' when we ride by":
      Riding on the tandem trail-a-bike

      yes, my dear, we are famous! But I'm also waiting for the embarrassment factor to kick in, hopefully not for a while!

    4. HeyHaha2012 34 months ago | reply

      cute,fun,so interesting haha

    5. Ride There 33 months ago | reply

      You need a trailer for the lanterne rouge.

    6. somervillebikes 33 months ago | reply

      In cycling terms, whenever we're on this thing, we get the lantern rouge distinction.

    7. Ride There 33 months ago | reply

      "Is the lanterne rouge family famous?"
      I meant literally, an end-of-train device.
      For safety! And one more articulation for excess.

      You could top this Newton mom!

    8. somervillebikes 33 months ago | reply

      Newton Mom has one too many articulations for one too few seats.

      If you look carefully, you can see two lanternes rouge on the back of the trailercycle.

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