• A reflector will eventually go here. The VO sticker is covering the original single drilled hole for the stay.

    VO, if you're reading this, please design your fenders with these twin drawbolt holes. It's much sturdier!

B&M Seculite Plus retrofitted into a Soubitez Catalux, VO Zeppelin fender

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The Soubitez lens has built-in optics that focus this LED very brightly to the rear, possibly making it brighter than the original B&M lens.

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  1. Vélocia 57 months ago | reply

    Well done! You did such a nice job with this retrofit, and the whole project in general. I like that you were able to maintain the integrity of the lamp without making any irreversible changes.

    I mounted the VO Zeppelins on my Pélican like yours, using Honjo hardware. It's certainly more sturdy with triangulation. I used the single predrilled VO hole to mount the base of a retrofitted battery powered Catalux.

  2. somervillebikes 57 months ago | reply

    Thanks, Velocia. My options for that single hole that's covered with the VO sticker are either leave as-is, or replace with a reflector. The reason i didn't mount the lower end of the Catalux there is because I felt it placed it too low... something didn't seem right about it. I have a new Japanese Cateye reflector, I think it's the same one that Hiroshi uses on new Ebisus, and I may mount it there. Kinda redundant with the Catalux reflector, but it may look better than that VO sticker.

    Or, I could find some other unique decal to replace the VO.

  3. Vélocia 57 months ago | reply

    The VO sticker isn't too bad, but you can probably come up with something better. It's an opportunity to get more creative!

  4. WickedVT 57 months ago | reply

    Where did you find the antique taillight housing? I've been scouring ebay and I can't find anything remotely like this. I'd love to do something similar if I could pull it off.

  5. WickedVT 57 months ago | reply

    There's only like three dyno taillights on the market that mount on the fender and they're all ugly.

  6. somervillebikes 57 months ago | reply

    They do show up on eBay occasionally (as this one was an eBay find), but you have to set up saved searches, unless you search every few days. It also helps to search ebay.fr with French search words.

  7. BikeTinker 48 months ago | reply

    I ordered more drawbolts from V-O to double the mounting points for my zeppelin fenders. They do make a big difference in rigidity; it takes a lot more to knock them askew.

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