From Randonneur to Citaden: Conversion of a touring bike to city kid and cargo hauler

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    Originally a fully loaded touring bike, I found the bike slightly too small for me with a traditional drop bar setup. Given that it had such a plush ride, wide gearing, powerful brakes, quality frameset and high end comps, as well as the ability to carry a lot of weight, I asked whether it could make a more comfortable upright cargo bike for grocery runs and carrying my 45lb daughter around town. The result is a very stable, comfortable urban ride. The rear rack is a special rack designed for a quick release child seat, and will be used to transport my daughter to kindergarten daily. After one week of commuting to work with it, it has become my most comfortable upright bicycle.

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    1. außerirdische sind gesund 56 months ago | reply

      Very beautiful bike!

      I am currently in the process of building something similar, (at least in purpose, to get a moderately fast bike for hauling groceries), cheaper though, I am wondering: Does the basket wobble sideways on the front rack? I want a crate or basket of about the same size as yours on my bike, but I am somewhat afraid, that just cable-tying it to the rack might not be enough. On the other hand, I really do not want additional struts or other stuff fixing the basket/crate to the fork, just a Pletscher aluminium rack as support. Your bike makes this seem possible. Did you use cableties to fix your basket?

    2. somervillebikes 56 months ago | reply

      thanks! see this pic and explanation of how i attached the basket:

      ideally, a wide front rack like a porteur rack with stays that attach to the lower eyelets would be the best platform to support a wald basket. i didn't feel like spending $160 on a VO porteur rack (i have one on another bike and love it), and already had this nitto rack. while the nitto rack is not as good a support for such a wide basket, the basket is stable enough. the basket bends side to side a little, as does the nitto rack. even with the wald stays that come with basket, the basket exhibits wobble since the stays do not attach near the ends of the basket, but toward the center.

      i think i may bolt a series of oak strips along the basket to stiffen it, or just leave it as is...

    3. außerirdische sind gesund 56 months ago | reply

      Thanks a lot, that picture is very helpful. Your Nitto rack seems even smaller than the 14cm wide Pletscher I want to use, so it should work in theory.

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