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Wet Evening 03 | by byronv2
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Wet Evening 03

These recent modern structures are dotted around the edge of the financial district, just across the road from where the Union Canal now terminates (itself an area that was regenerated just before this spot).


There's something about night shots during the rain, maybe it is the light reflecting off the wet roads and pavements, but I paused on my soggy walk home, huddled into a corner of one of the buildings so the rain wouldn't get on the lens too much and took a handful of shots, all handheld so bit rough, but rough kind of suits this subject, I think.


The Union Canal actually used to come right through this spot many years ago, this pavement would have been not just wet with rain but an actual busy waterway! The canal now finishes just across the road from here, but it used to continue across the road (with a lift bridge for traffic to get by, now relocated to bit further down the canal), past this spot - in fact fact if you look at the back of one of the older buildings round the corner from this spot, it curves, because it had to fit a curve in the canal route.


The canal then opened up behind these buildings into Port Hamilton, a sort of "inland port" for loading and unloading. All long gone, filled in, now walking among the lights of the new buildings I doubt most walking past here would know of that fairly recent history and just how much this area has changed.

There used to be a small pub just across the road from here called the Port of Hamilton bar, which was an echo of that once thriving busy canal port nearby, but like the port, that old pub too is long since gone and the whole area hugely changed (give how run down some bits had been after years of neglect this is not always a bad thing, of course, but it is still odd to walk through here, see the glistening wet line of pavement and realise you are walking on the ghost of an old waterway... Our old cities are built on endless layers)

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Taken on February 4, 2019