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Invesco Storm

First photo to 10,000 views... probably the only one I'll ever hit that number with come to think of it...


Invesco Field, Denver.



Dana: Name three things the Knicks need to do this season, to make it to the finals.

Jeremy: I couldn't get another question?

Dana: You will. But not till I get an answer to the first one.

Jeremy: What do the Knicks...

Dana: Three things the Knicks need to do to contend.

Jeremy: Ms. Whitaker, I'd be great at this job. You gotta believe me when I tell you I've been training my whole life for it. I've crunched stats, I've broken down film, and there wasn't a team at my high school that didn't have me for an equipment manager. I have read every box score in every paper that's written in English and has a sports section and I have seen Sports Night every night since your first broadcast, two years, two months, and a week ago today. Now yes, sure, indeed, I can tell you what Ewing and Oakley are shooting from the field, and I can tell you that you're not gonna stop John Starks if he squares up to the basket, and put any defensive pressure on Charlie Ward he's gonna fold like a cheap card table. But if you're asking me for genuinely sophisticated analysis, AND I SENSE THAT YOU ARE, you gotta give me some time. At least 20 minutes. Did that make any sense?

Dana: I wasn't really listening...

--"Sports Night" (ABC)


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Taken on March 1, 2009