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EU Shock Troopers are inserted on the outskirts of Moscow just over an hour before their invasion of the Russian capital.

For The Purge
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These are some EU figs I have been working on, are they good? I know the Shock Trooper up front is sorta right, I am awaiting some parts to make the others correct.

Pics of my Warsaw Pact troops and main pic of this build will be up soon.

Additional armor on the EU Shock Trooper is a modified design made by Dutch.

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  1. ✠Andreas 51 months ago | reply

    Not happy about the part with DARKWATER invading Russia. <.< I think you misunderstood something there.

    Figure is alright, but needs Space Police legs, so much better than those decals. More accurate backpack would be light bley or old dark grey, even though many people use white. :L

  2. Kyle Peckham 51 months ago | reply

    ✠Andreas Okay, I'll go back and check the group. Was it Moscow or something? I'll try and figure it out to fix it. I'm getting some Space Police legs in a parts shipment, so it'll be remade.

    EDIT: Fixed it.

  3. -Grant- 51 months ago | reply

    Really, REALLY nice! Nice windows!

  4. « ℱritz » 51 months ago | reply

    Really awesome, Kyle! You nailed them! Also, I like how people are starting to do MOCs of the invasion of Russia.

  5. É.Ɓ. 51 months ago | reply

    Nice figs and build all round. A very nice build :)

  6. ~Manicle~ 51 months ago | reply

    The figs look great, along with a really nice background, keep it up Kyle =)

  7. Kyle Peckham 51 months ago | reply

    « ℱritz » Yep, I like it too. I pretty much based this off of your Invasion of Russia build. :D

    kek ♤ :3
    I-/ I agree. :3 They have a odd size to them, but I wanted them to look like real windows. I love 'em. :)
    É.Ɓ. I agree. >.>
    Jacob Manahan Thanks Jacob!

  8. kek ♤ 51 months ago | reply

    Your LEGO Creation is Amazing and Deserves Flickr LEGO Awards

    You and your Photo are Invited To Join The Flickr LEGO Awards

  9. kek ♤ 51 months ago | reply

    This is gonna sound really stupid, in fact, you can already start laughing, but how do I invite this into a group ? Is it the add to gallery button in the "actions" part.

  10. Kyle Peckham 51 months ago | reply

    kek ♤ It's under the "Actions" tab right next to the Fave Star.

  11. kek ♤ 51 months ago | reply

    Kyle Peckham I know but, I can't see it on iPad...

  12. Kyle Peckham 51 months ago | reply

    kek ♤ Well, then try it on a normal computer. It's the "Invite to/remove from a group" tab.

  13. [Banjax] 51 months ago | reply

    nice work I like the man hole

  14. « ℱritz » 51 months ago | reply

    @Kyle Even though our builds are drastically different, I could tell the story was similar to mine. :) The Purge is addicting, isn't it?

  15. Kyle Peckham 51 months ago | reply

    « ℱritz » Yep, I'm gonna be posting my EU and WP troops in action soon. :3 Probably later tomorrow. :P

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