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15/365 - Aichmophobia (Fear of Sharp Objects) | by Simon Woodward | Fine Art Photography
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15/365 - Aichmophobia (Fear of Sharp Objects)


Model - Sam Palmer

Title - Aichmophobia

Series - Fears





This photograph is the first of another new series I have started entitled Fears. In each of the six photographs in the series i will be trying to portray my rational or sometimes irrational aversions towards certain subjects. I'm curious to know your fears and the reasons why, let me know in the comments. :)


This one is called Aichmophobia, which is the fear of sharp objects. Although my resistance towards knives is not as extreme as the definition of Aichmophobia, I do hold a strong dislike for them. As well as other sharp objects such as needles or razors. I think this may come from an accident I had when I was 11. For whatever strange reason, I was attempting to carve the shape of a boat into a block of hard wood with a Stanley knife (utility knife for non UK readers). I was doing well for a while, then slipped and cut my thumb right across the knuckle! Ouch! I remember holding it, then bending my thumb and my knuckle popping out from under my skin! I swift trip to the emergency room followed soon afterwards. Ever since then I have been very wary of sharp knives. Especially scalpels and craft knives. I will almost always use scissors for a project if I can get away with it!


This was shot with a black curtain as the backdrop, under continuous tungsten lights. It is a composite, as you may have guessed. It was created by combining 47 separate images. The hands do belong to the model, they were photographed separately, as was the dripping fake blood. The blood was incredibly messy! The knives are the same one reproduced over and over. It was important to me to keep the lighting consistent throughout the image, so I tied the knife onto a long string attached to a pole and moved it around the set to look like they were hanging from the ceiling. I really love the contortions in his muscles in this shot! I hope you like it and please follow me if you would like to see the rest of the series. :)

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Taken on October 23, 2013