Kingston University Foundation Application
My ultimate desire in life is to pursue my dream as a successful artist. My ambition is to succeed in the fashion industry where my creativity will be translated into garments. Though it is in fashion that I am certain that I want to excel in, I feel that I want to explore other pathways to widen my options and to gain a set of diverse skills and knowledge. My aspiration is to work towards my highest potential, to discover my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. I would like to comprehend 3D visualisation in depth. Not having learnt animation professionally before, it would be a great opportunity for me to grasp knowledge on the subject, as it will all be useful in my future career path. I feel that Kingston has the perfect environment and space for me to work independently as well as within a group with the benefitting facilities available. My greatest influences are artist, Chloe Piene, and fashion designer, Aitor Throup, for their quirky drawing style. I love the way they accentuate distortion of the human figure. Studying many figurative painters and attending life drawing sessions has enabled me to explore the human body in various forms and structures. I find that the Fine Art aspect helps me in my Textiles work advantageously. Being a traveller, I highly support the idea of exploration to find inspiration, especially in the art and culture in foreign places. A huge part of my inspiration also comes from raw and organic things. My favourite designers who share a similar interest, reflected in their earthy designs, are Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane and Mara Hoffman. I know I have the potential and passion, but it is the challenge that I am keenly looking forward to that I know Kingston offers with high expectations.
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