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Shut Down Government

It'd be nice if we could trust government to pass new laws that were helpful, or at least repeal most of the bad, old ones...


...but since the past decade shows we cannot, what we really need is for government to do nothing.


If they get out of our way, free Americans can fix things for ourselves.



Government cannot help an economy, or create wealth or jobs.


But it can STIFLE the economy, repress jobs, consume and destroy wealth.


A market-based economy is very powerful and dynamic. It can compensate for government intervention, increasing its efficiency by working around that.


The problem is that government keeps making new laws and regulations, oppressing the economy in ways that have not been adjusted for, yet.


Gridlock stops this change, allowing the economy to catch up and heal, so it can grow and become healthy again.


This is what happened in 1994. It's even part of what happened in the 1980s under Reagan, who was often thwarted by, and thwarted, the Liberal Democrats of Congress.


Hopefully, we will see it again, this Congress.

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Taken on November 19, 2012