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Kataspyder TR33 Heavy Logging Machine | by Tenacious EJ
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Kataspyder TR33 Heavy Logging Machine

Mars, as it turns out, was found to be easily terraformed. The first astronaughts who arrived there determined it would be quick and easy to turn Mars into Earth II. As Earth I was vastly overpopulated, and as there was so much land on Mars which belonged to nobody, it was a generally accepted fact that anyone coming to Mars would be able to claim a piece of land as his own in this new frontier.


Traveling to Mars was relatively cheap. However, transporting building materials was terribly expensive. Earth scientists therefore began development on creating a building material that could survive in Mars’ atmosphere and climate. This proved difficult, as early Mars was both cold and arid, the ultimate desert, and any tree would need to grow fast and tall to supply the expected millions of new settlers. Scientists cultivated a hybrid tree using the Saguaro Cactus and the Giant Sequoia, called the Nemus Mars, or Martian Mangrove. For years before colonization was begun, unmanned vessels full of seeds released their payloads over the planet, and as the mammoth trees grew and covered the planet, they hastened the pace of terraforming.


Kataspyder, of course, developed a fantastic machine to harvest the trees. The Kataspyder TR33 Heavy Logging Machine was able to safely harvest acres of trees in short time, and was instrumental in the quick colonization of the Red Planet.


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Taken on May 19, 2009