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    1. gwapedo 70 months ago | reply

      Excuse me , Are you the auntie? Can you please move over so I can get the shot?

    2. Oliver Chandler 70 months ago | reply

      One of the few points on this site I can stop in admiration.
      Stunning photo, beautiful subject matter.

    3. thesleeperssky 70 months ago | reply

      chilling, but such an emotional picture. the harsh reality of war.

    4. rachelpitzer*souledout [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      wow, how sad

    5. tahnijoy 69 months ago | reply

      this touched my heart the second i saw it. wow. what a photograph!

    6. stefan143 68 months ago | reply

      Truly saddening picture.

      1. It is amazing that people could be so hatefull to post such comments as to degrade a childs memories of his father and his service. This boy will have to live with this for the rest of his life and I pray that he never has to read the remarks posted on here advocating his fathers death and slandering his fathers service which was an attempt at serving his country, providing safety for his fellow man as well as providing for his family! How dare you insult a man for that! Maybe you should look in the mirror and see how truly pathetic you really are for conducting yourselves in such a way! I expect nothing more from hate mongers such as yourselves who do not have the capacity for any sort of tact or respect if not to the man then to his son who is the innocent one here! Truly pathetic!!!

      2. I do not know the true origin of this photo. I hope that you have permission to post this.

    7. An Dreea 64 months ago | reply

      this picture is not yours. you have no credit for it, why did you post it in your gallery?

    8. Andres Goyburu [deleted] 53 months ago | reply

      Poor little guy. Dropped a few tears when I saw the picture. God bless him and his family.

    9. Plaid-Steel [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

      the boy is a very brave little lad... politics be damned... itis a very moving shot

    10. houmant 50 months ago | reply

      i cant stop my tears...

    11. 林小靖 50 months ago | reply


    12. 沙龙K 50 months ago | reply

      i can not say any words

    13. 狐猴 50 months ago | reply

      so sad. but kid, remember HE is a hearo! God will bless you and your family.

    14. Emma@Han 50 months ago | reply

      he looks like so strong

    15. billhaew 49 months ago | reply

      Great photo, brings back some real memories, but THE PHOTO DOES NOT BELONG TO truckinon44, he got it from a Tennessee newspaper.

    16. guymostlikely 47 months ago | reply

      I know that boy. I was that boy. GOD Bless.

    17. LUC/\S b 40 months ago | reply

      Post your own photos.

    18. Benwtillman 37 months ago | reply

      I know this kid personally- know his family. One of the strongest kids and strongest families you will ever meet.

    19. eviedu49 34 months ago | reply

      What a heart breaking picture but one we need this day!

    20. vlam87 32 months ago | reply

      For Cabbit: Here's some of what you were looking for....

      Aaron Thompson, a photographer at The Daily News Journal at Murfreesboro, Tenn., received Photo of the Year honors from the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association for a photo of a young boy at his father’s funeral. The boy was receiving the flag that had covered his father’s coffin.
      Going into this assignment, I was definitely a little nervous. I knew that I had to have emotional photos and that I wanted to get a strong photo of the flag presentation. From the moment that I received the assignment, my main concern was that I would be seen as intruding on the family’s privacy. The family had been completely open to us in the days leading up to the service, but I was still a little uncomfortable. After I left the church and arrived at the gravesite, I started getting a little concerned about my access. I called my Photo Editor, Jim Davis, and he told me to just stay there and shoot what I could. As the service began, I noticed Christian showing lots of emotion, so I started really focusing on him. I was expecting the flag to be presented to Marcus’ wife, Heather, but then Christian stood up to receive it.

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