210/366 I'd like to live in something like this one day!

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    Aug 4 210/366
    I also have an HDR version of this pic also! I've been meaning to make some historic parts of Detroit a part of my 365 for the longest-mission accomplished! Guess where this is...

    I was telling a business associate recently that if I had over 7 figures in the bank, I'd live in the 'burbs during the week, and I'd have a condo downtown. I'd stay downtown on the weekends. Alot of things are happening here in Detroit again. Looks like Kwame done something right-but THIS was Dennis Archer's doing-at least I thought it was. I'm not a political person, so I REALLY wouldn't know-and REALLY don't care-for that matter!
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    1. ♥♥♥Jewellz♥♥♥ 81 months ago | reply

      Look at you....you got your future all planned out. Good luck with all that.

      Very cool shot. I love all those angles on this building.

    2. Joriel "Joz" Jimenez 81 months ago | reply

      I like thte lamp post and car in frame Bob.

    3. JVLIVS Photography 81 months ago | reply

      that may take a while, but I'm optimistic. I'm glad you like the angles of the pic, and thanks for the fave!


    4. Wishard of Oz 81 months ago | reply

      Wow, great catch! I love places like this but here in the deep south we have few "old" places really. Living near the Gulf coast either a hurricane damaged them beyond repair at some point, or the termites quit holding hands so they fell down.

    5. JVLIVS Photography 81 months ago | reply

      Ouch! Sorry to hear that. It seems nowadays that no matter where you go, the weather's so distorted!

      That's gotta suck-it does here in Michigan-and we have the worst of winters half the time!

    6. dnj_Brian 81 months ago | reply

      Love this area and this place.

      I would just say that we need to take the politicians OUT of the equation, and remember that it's people and their businesses who invest and do the work in the City like this. The politicians are the ones who want to step IN and get associated with it. Sometimes they earn it through making certain changes i.e. new services, or tax incentives, i.e. For instance, the state is giving tax incentives to movie-makers, and guess what, tons of movies are being made in Michigan, and it is bringing jobs, cash, and attention. So credit should go to whoever voted for that.

      Brush Park had a major infrastructure rebuilding, so whichever mayor and council oversaw that (I think it was both) should get minor credit for all these new developments, but not too much, because somebody had to pull the trigger and rehab/build all these places. Crosswinds (who normally build suburban-type dwellings) has built all the new townhomes, so they get tons of credit, and lots of smaller entities have rebuilt the old homes and apt. buildings, so let's keep the focus on them!
      Oh yeah, cool picture. The soft light worked well

    7. JVLIVS Photography 81 months ago | reply

      You have spoken with great accuracy and clarity! and includes BOTH the commentary and comment-thank you for your input, observance, AND historical knowledge!

    8. dnj_Brian 81 months ago | reply

      You're too kind. Thank YOU for making me think with all the photos and captions.

    9. JVLIVS Photography 81 months ago | reply

      Not a problem. I'm trying to make the rest of my 365 project for this year as interesting as possible (I won't be doing another one for a looong time after this) by stepping out the box and trying to catch historic parts of Detroit and its surrounding areas.

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