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Day 39/365 : I have been tagged (again)...

I have been tagged by my lovely talented friend Rosalia to write 14 facts about myself.

Thank god its not 16, coz 14 itself took more brainstorming from me than thinking about an idea for 365 ;)


Before getting into that, lemme tell you i was **JUMPING WITH JOY** when Slumdog Millionaire won 8 OSCARS last night..!!! such a proud moment for every Indian.. !!! and do listen to this song from the movie if you havent already ! :) I am so glad to be born in the same era as A.R.Rahman..


O.K, back to me, so here they are, the 14 facts about me.. you are free to drop off in the middle ;)


1.I was born on the 5th day of the 5th month , and that makes me a Taurean.


2.I am very passionate, like all Taureans, about the things that I love and people I love.


3.I am very temperamental - means laughter, smile, sorrow, anger, tears, love, everything comes too soon :)


4.I am very finicky about doing things perfectly. If something didn’t turn out to be my kind of perfect, I get this itchy feeling in my heart , and will work on it till its perfect.


5.I am open to doing extreme things.. I did sky diving in 2007.


6.I am good at pencil sketching.


7.Playing darts is probably the only ‘sport’ I am actually good at ;)


8.I love movies. There is no such thing as a fav movie coz there are so many good ones out there. But “Life is Beautiful” is definitely one of the best ones ever.


9.My favorite actor is Johny Depp.


10.I love music, anything is fine! I am more bothered about the tune than the lyrics. Any dance number gets me moving.


11.My favourite band would be Metallica and favourite singer would be Dido. (but seriously, it doesn’t end there.. it could change tomorrow ;))


12.I love inexpensive jewelery, blings as you call it.. right now, I have 30 pairs of earrings, not considering the countless ones I have discarded.


13. I love cartoons - my favorites are Calvin&Hobbes, Dilbert, Peanuts, Asterix and Garfield.


14. My kind of humour is sarcastic humour. But I keep forgetting that not everyone likes sarcasm. ;)


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EXPLORED #371... thanks a lot guys! :)

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