Greenups (Feb 2015) What's the Catch?
Sydney's Green Drinks night explores Sustainable Seafood, with guests:


Mathew Evans and Stephen Oliver - We are delighted to had the host and the writer/director/producer of SBS TV's What's the Catch. Matthew Evens is a well- known chef, writer, critic and TV personality, now based in Tasmania. Stephen and Matthew share some the insights from producing the show and join in the discussions.

Tom Kime - Sydney-based chef and food adventurer Tom Kime has had a long passionate relationship with fish. Author of several cook books and executive chef at Fish and Co. in Annandale, Australia's first Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable seafood restaurant, Tom will share some of his insights from establishing Fish and Co., we're also delighted to have Tom cook up some tasty sustainable fish fare for us to try on the night.

Charlotte Connell - Marine Stewardship Council. The Marine Stewardship Council is an independent NFP which set and maintains standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability. These standards help make global seafood markets more sustainable. Charlotte will discuss what MSC has achieved and what the next steps are for Sustainable seafood in Australia and Internationally.

Linda Sams - Head of sustainability, Tassal Tasmanian Salmon. Tassal is very pleased to have achieved full Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification across its entire operation, a global first for any salmon company. ASC certification is the highest standard for responsibly farmed seafood in the world. Lina will share what ASC certification involved for Tassal and what it means for the business and the Fishery.

Nathaniel Pelle - GreenPeace Label My Fish Campaign - Australia’s labelling laws for seafood are inadequate, especially as they apply to restaurants. The Label My Fish Alliance includes Australian consumers, fishers, chefs, and ocean lovers and are demanding new labelling laws that tell us, whenever we buy seafood _what the species is; where it was caught, and the method used to catch or farm it.
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