predicting buskerfest 2012 ....

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    Hard to describe...... a girl, covered in gold paint head to toe, with a crystal ball that seemed to have a life of its own it rolled across her fingers, arm, shoulders, as if attached to an invisible rubber thread. Saw her moving through the crowds that were gathering for Buskerfest's Sunday evening closing. Didn't get a good shot of the girl herself. A brief sighting, too many people & she was gone.

    ...explored ...

    NB: the golden girl has made contact *~* Her performance name is 'DawnDreams' and her skillful talent with the crystal ball is called 'contact juggling'.

    the globe is acrylic, Pierre informs me.

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    1. In My Fashion 50 months ago | reply

      hey that would have been cool to see!

    2. fareeharauf 50 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot..

    3. Eng-ta 50 months ago | reply

      Wow, cool.. those reflection are inverted!
      Congrats on explore!

    4. Levels Nature 50 months ago | reply

      Congratulations on Explore! :-)

    5. johnshlau (Very Slow in Catching Up...) 50 months ago | reply

      This is a wonderful shot...........congratulations on Explore, my friend!

    6. gabi-h 50 months ago | reply

      So much to see in this crystal ball! Lovely simplicity.

    7. Oh Ale! 50 months ago | reply

      Cool shot!!

    8. Poe 62 50 months ago | reply

      very interesting

    9. -will wilson- 50 months ago | reply

      The globe is magic, not acrylic. :-)

    10. Kupasdur 50 months ago | reply

      a very well taken photo Ana (very artistic)...everything else is blurred away, giving focus to the main subject. well done.

    11. 1000 Reasons - Happy New Year! 50 months ago | reply

      Ha I love this type of image. Wish I've taken it.
      I can see so many stories in it. So easy to spin wondrous tales.
      It is a beautiful shot and this type of opportunity is not easy to come by :D

    12. Cut2Run 49 months ago | reply

      Such a simple yet great idea, the real magic in the ball

    13. famkefonz 49 months ago | reply

      Clever - cool shot!

      The gannets really don't change colour for breeding season, they always look like that! Maybe the northern ones do?

    14. @petra 49 months ago | reply

      ...and it was explored...
      a stunning shot and great story behind.
      genius lady, I just love what you see and how you see it.
      :))))hugs back

    15. dawndreams 49 months ago | reply

      hey! it's me :) I have never seen such a simple photo. You really capture the ball well. :)

    16. ana_lee_smith 49 months ago | reply

      dawndreams hey! you, dawndreams! Happy to give you a credit if you give me your performance name. Happy to send you the pic if you leave the ana_lee_smith credit on there.

    17. dawndreams 49 months ago | reply

      Hello! That would be lovely! my performance name is DawnDreams and my website is :) I will give you credit, of course!

    18. ana_lee_smith 49 months ago | reply

      dawndreams Hi! Sorry, Have no idea how to download a pic to someone's website or even if one can, in fact, do such a thing. I'm not very computer literate *~* Please leave me an e-mail address. Thanks.

    19. G Hue 47 months ago | reply

      Lovely capture ...

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