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Decided to take Jonathon out of the gull closet and give him his own post. Initially, had this as the lead pic in "I want to fly, fly, fly " but changed the order at the last minute, not trusting that blue simplicity was enough :) The images below were taken yesterday at Cherry Beach. There are many species of gulls, none of them actually called a 'seagull', a term popularized by us non-scientists! Think these are herring gulls. The 'acrobats of the sky' can float motionless on wind currents for long periods of time, they are considered highly intelligent and have a highly developed social structure and a mob mentality when it comes to predators. Unlike most animals, they can drink both fresh and salt water as they have a pair of glands above the eyes designed to flush salt from the system via openings in the bill. On average they live 10-15 years but the longest gull life recorded is 49 yrs !!!! "A seagull is an unlimited idea of freedom" says Jonathon. :))


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Taken on May 6, 2009