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    Decided to take Jonathon out of the gull closet and give him his own post. Initially, had this as the lead pic in "I want to fly, fly, fly " but changed the order at the last minute, not trusting that blue simplicity was enough :) The images below were taken yesterday at Cherry Beach. There are many species of gulls, none of them actually called a 'seagull', a term popularized by us non-scientists! Think these are herring gulls. The 'acrobats of the sky' can float motionless on wind currents for long periods of time, they are considered highly intelligent and have a highly developed social structure and a mob mentality when it comes to predators. Unlike most animals, they can drink both fresh and salt water as they have a pair of glands above the eyes designed to flush salt from the system via openings in the bill. On average they live 10-15 years but the longest gull life recorded is 49 yrs !!!! "A seagull is an unlimited idea of freedom" says Jonathon. :))

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    For jot :)

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    1. Bussabar 70 months ago | reply

      Ana !! One st.. Looks like postcard.. Great composition and colour..and next picture.. so wonderful..

      Great talent from you..

    2. Louise Lindsay 70 months ago | reply

      wow- I ove your series- great posts and photos.

    3. jotka26 [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

      durchblick is not a swearword, it means looking trough something...but german is a very difficult language...if someone is "having a durchblick" , it's a complete different meaning to the is more demotic and that means something like, you've seen the whole of the moon, you're such a clever guy/gal, you're havin the "overview" of it all...
      oh, I've changed the settings btw. (sorry forgotten) you should be able to see all my "the visitors" now....have a great weekend over there in To. ana

    4. NaPix -- (Time out) 70 months ago | reply

      i've been waiting for your new postings :)

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    5. NaPix -- (Time out) 70 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called BORN TO BE WILD, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    6. Tulay Emekli 70 months ago | reply

      Wonderful details in the wings my gili gili .. And again I'm jealous.. I think I'd be very happy if I were a bird... As I told you before ,both of your bird shots are wonderful !! I find great mood in them...And though it's quite a long time since I read J.Livingstone ,it's nice to remember it ..Wish you a wonderful Sunday my gili gili :)

    7. Gioser_Chivas 70 months ago | reply

      Preciosa toma

    8. Tulay Emekli 70 months ago | reply

      Lol...Did I say ''clustered''... Eee so what ? Only one letter :)) Just joking my dear :)
      I'm an old woman my gili gili..I can make all kinds of mistakes.. Do you think my students would accept this my dear ?:))
      But you see ..I still haven't been to bed:)) I knew what would happen once I started commenting...I have classes after lunch.. Need to rest for a few hours now :))Good night/morning my gili:)

      Forgot to thank you my dear .. Oh Lol ..How right Kris (below) is!!!!!!!!

    9. krisdecurtis 70 months ago | reply

      My photos without your comments are like bread without salt.
      Your splendid words complement and add to them a very important value.

    10. jotka26 [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

      gosh mighty! you've gotten your own little blinky shop now...

    11. atranswe 70 months ago | reply

      These are fantstic photo - lovely and elegant birds!
      LIZA’S Enchanting PHOTO-GARDEN!
      LIZA'S Enchanting PHOTO-GARDEN! (INVITED Only!) The Contest WINNERS!!
      You are INVITED to display your wonderful capture in our Pool
      and AWARD ONE (1) of your fellow Artists!!!

    12. akk_rus 70 months ago | reply


    13. ckm2005 70 months ago | reply

      what fantastic shots . love them all !!! it's wonderful to see your bird shots... your shots are excellent and have a wonderful depth...

    14. krisdecurtis 70 months ago | reply

      I sent an email to Augusta...
      I hope that she responds to me..
      Love & kiss, Ana

    15. .GiL. [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

      to me, this is Freedom ; let's fly...again & again !

    16. T Glow 70 months ago | reply

      wow........................adorable & gerat capture !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Sheila in Moonducks 70 months ago | reply

      l love these gulls
      wonderful timing and beautiful clear images

      oh the marvels of flight !!

    18. bodyinmotion 70 months ago | reply

      You captured this amazing bird beautifully...I really appreciate the information, love learning more.

    19. RanganathanSriraman 51 months ago | reply

      Great compo...Jaw dropping.

    20. nobleup Coming Back Slowly 51 months ago | reply

      Since I haven't learned any new superlatives, I'm sticking with My original comment!!! Truly a work of art Ana!!!

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