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Nikonus Imperator | by fcafca
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Nikonus Imperator

Nikon F2S (Photomic DP-2) from 1976

Nikon 180mm f/2.8 ED


The Nikon F2S is for photographers and professional newsmen, not for sniveling IT weenies who swarm all over anything digital. The F2S is a man's camera.

When things get dicey while covering a protest, a good whack to a protester's head with the F2S has usually solved the problem.

(Ken Rockwell)


During the development of the F2, Nippon Kogaku K. K. 's motto was "quicker and stronger".

This seemed to symbolize the 1970s, as everything from society to technology was growing at a staggering pace.

The production of the F2 in the following month exceeded that of the Nikon F during the same relative period, and the F2 is still in use worldwide.

Unfortunately, the F2 lost some of its appeal once the photography world learned of the electronic shutter.

As mechanical cameras go, the F2 is regarded as the most efficient and powerful SLR camera.


Sony A7

Helios 40 (1962) 85mm F/1.5

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