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16 Things

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1. Moved to UK when I was 6. I knew 3 English words on my first day of school.

2. Only child :(

3. I love people-watching from cozy café windows.

4. When I was revising for uni finals, eating Nutella straight out of the jar helped :)

5. There's such a lot of world out there for me to see...

6. Baileys (Irish cream) = goooood

7. I keep hearing that high school is so hard... but I loved everything about mine.

8. When I was a baby, my taxi flipped into a dried-up river. I slept through the whole thing!

9. And I've always been a deep sleeper.

10. I used to teach myself dance routines to every music video I could get hold of.

11. Procrastinator. Doesn't help when I'm a terrible crammer!

12. I don't really know any of my grandparents (in China), which is sad.

13. By Chinese horoscopes, I'm a fire tiger.

14. West End musicals make me happy, I sing the songs non-stop for weeks afterwards.

15. I never realise I'm full until I stand up, so I always eat too much!

16. No regrets. Well... I try...


Now I tag Vida, Chris and Patricia - and whoever else wants to play!

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Taken on December 25, 2008