Vogue 8804
A Chanel style jacket by Claire Shaeffer for Vogue Patterns.

I hope that these photos, which should be viewed in conjunction with the 94 steps described in the pattern sheet, will be helpful when you make your jacket.

1-2 Fabric and findings
3-7 Buttonholes
8 Eased dart
9-13 Seams
14-19 Quilting
20-22 Second thoughts
23-26 Inside shaping
27-29 pockets
30-34 Side seams
35-38 Hem
39-49 Shaping and applying trim
50-55 Sleeve edges , lining and buttonholes
57-64 Turning in the edges and attaching the lining.
65-68 Setting in the sleeve
69-73 buttons and buttonholes
74-75 Chain and labels
76-80 Finished views.
[You can find more details about making a keyhole buttonhole in my Tutorials collection]
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