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fruit fly !

I have not done much in the way of still life and experimental stuff lately, much to my regret.


So what better way to spend a public holiday around the house than some experimentation with stuff around the house, fruit and maybe some other bits and pieces. First cab off the rank is some more experimenting with a theme I tried last with some lime slices, strawberries are much easier to work with mind and the effect is very cool.


I like the way it came out in the end, what do you think?


There's a good point to shots like these, not only are they fun to look at but they are immense fun to make, and they dont require a lot of special equipment, a tripod and a camera basically and there are different ways of doing them - theyre a good thing if youre starting down the path of experimentation.


Often people ask me how they can move their skills and work beyond the usual thing, still lifes are something I encourage them to try because they can make excellent use of things you have in your day to day life - if youre not sure where to start then look around - wine bottles make a great still life subject for example.


If you have a spot where theres natural sunlight which is somewhat indirect, perhaps a porch for examplem then thats a great natrual studio, you would be amazed how effective a bit of white cloth on a a table is as a basic canvas and if you play around with some white card or sheets you can make cheap and very usefull light deflectors and or bouncers - for example those reflective silver car windscreen covers you see around can make very cool mirrors for bouncing light.


And the cool thing is you can get great results with a point and shoot camera.


So if youre wanting to try something unsual give still life work a go - its very easy and encourages experimentation and turns out great shots ! These take a little more thought and practice but when you get it worked out the results can be very cool - theyre only hard the first time to my mind.



About the photographer


Monkeyc is a former photojournalist who fled the bright lights and dingy darkrooms for fame, fortune and a living wage back in the mists of time, now a sometime amateur photographer who dreams of the days when he understood esoteric concepts such as depth of field and aperture as an escape from a life spent dealing with the problems of suffering users and staff in the world of corporate Information Technology.


Why Creative Commons?


The decision to license my work as creative commons was an easy and almost automatic one - my work is for personal enjoyment and I want others to be able to enjoy my work and to incorporate it into their visions. Today I find photography is a personal pleasure, I no longer have to make a living from my camera - its just my vision of the world - a unique vision to me but with CC its also something you can take and turn into something from your world - the scope is inifite and it sets the images free in so many ways - The creative commons license is a perfect example of the sort of copyright changes the modern world needs to come to grips with in the digital age, information should be free to all.

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Taken on August 16, 2006