Jersey City One of My Special Places
Jersey City has always been a special place for me. I guess that is because I was born and grew up here. While I spent my summers at the Jersey Shore it was here that I spend a great childhood, good high school years and early adulthood.

I met my beautiful wife in Spring Lake and quickly learned she was also from Jersey City. How did i know here dad was Sheriff of Hudson County. It was here that we were married, had our first apartment and enjoyed all that this city could offer.

As a young all I wanted to become was mayor of this city and had fun times in politics here.

Unlike other cities Jersey City never went into a deep decline because of its powerful Democratic Machine. Today the city is going through a rebirth and unlike most cities it has a new building going up just about every week. It is close to New York only 8 minutes away. rents are half the cost of those in Manhattan. You can get to Times Square, the financial District or midtown faster than if you live in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. You have great views of the city. This collection is dedicated to my hometown Jersey City.
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