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These memories burn. 11/52. [EXPLORE #2]

Week eleven of fifty-two weeks.

[June 11-17]


On June 16, 2012. I GOT MY FIRST EXPLORE ON NUMBER 11 THAT IS SO AMAZING<3 Moved up to #2 on June 17, 2012.


I really could not contain myself any longer. I would upload this Sunday but I am really busy the rest of the weekend and I was too excited to upload it. I am really proud in how this turned out.


Week Eleven: This week has been rather slow in my eyes. Nothing much really happened. I pretty much hung out with a friend and did chores. I laid around the house dreaming of different places I would much rather be. My feelings have been growing for a certain person. Oh how I hope this will turn into more than just being friends. I want it to grow like trees do. Memories have also been burning my soul this past week. On Sunday, it will mark one year. One year ago my stomach held butterflies. I was at a party for some of my friends. The guy I really liked was there. Everyone was joking around that we should make out behind the shed. So I was kidding around & was like let's go behind the shed so people think we're doing something. When in reality, I had a plan. We got behind the shed & just stood there. He wanted to go back, but I whispered "I actually have to tell you something.....I want to go out with you." Prior to that, I was waiting for the right time & wasn't quite ready to commit to a relationship again. He then asked me out. I of course said yes. Then, I remember having a nice long hug. A hug that told me this was the start of something new. We got out behind that shed & all the girls started screaming. & his friends were patting him on his back...I remember just wanting it to be us alone. I can't believe it's been a year. Things have changed & we both have drifted a part from each new things. He won't even look me in the eyes while I still have our picture together in my room. Everything has happened for the better, but I sometimes miss what we had that summer. I miss the way I use to feel inside or looking into his eyes. He changed my life in many ways. Now all I have is memories in my heart. I sometimes feel like I am searching for that feeling..but it will come my way sooner or later. It only gets better from here. I will write more after this weekend is over. This weekend has been really slow and boring. My grandpa & his wife came over. We basically sat around with them watching TV & went out to eat so it was kinda boring. I also went to my grandmas house today to celebrate Fathers Day. I always have a lovely time there. It's so peaceful out in the country & she has the most beautiful flower beds. Then, I just got back from a baseball game. It was alright but I am not a big fan of baseball. My week overall was really boring. haha :)


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Taken on June 14, 2012