Project 53: Monochrome Mondays
Now that my P365 is finished, I didn't want to just drop the camera entirely. But I didn't want another round of P365, either! I toyed with a Project 52, but many of them are themed on a weekly level that I did not want to get into. Then I was introduced to 'monochrome mondays' by a group of photographers on G+. There, they are mostly taking photos they've taken either recently or in the past and posting the black-n-white versions on Mondays. Insofar as I can tell they aren't actually restricting themselves to taking the photos on Mondays. I decided my challenge project this year would be my own Monochrome Mondays - unthemed, other than the photos have to be black-n-white, and that I have to take the photos on Mondays. This will, in the end, net me 52 BnW photos by the end of 2012 (unless there are 53 Mondays due to the leap year - still need to check that). (ed note: there are 53 Mondays in 2012 - argh! :-D ).

Black and white photography is a different kettle of fish than color photography. Some subjects are terrible in BnW, whereas others give a very different feel and view. I started my photography 'career' with an instamatic camera as a kid in 5th and 6th grade. By the time I was getting into high school, I had 'graduated' to a 35mm camera. But due to the higher costs of color film (both purchasing and developing), I entered the world of black and white photography. There I stayed for a number of years, even doing photos for the school yearbook and newspaper. In college I started getting back to color again, but took a black-n-white photography class to refresh my views there. After that I didn't really touch BnW again for many, many years.

In addition to doing this project so I keep taking photos and trying to better my compositions, doing it in BnW will make me rethink yet again how to do photographs. Those of you out there who are going to pay attention to this, you'll be my judges on how well I do or don't do as the year marches on.

This will be a different challenge. As I noted above, not everything lends itself to black-n-white...
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