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Big Red Mistake

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My painter Patrick from Yahoo Nation painted the wrong wall red.

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  1. Jean Albus 118 months ago | reply

    Ha, doggybag, I did delete him the next day.

  2. Pensiero 118 months ago | reply

    He seems fierce of his artistic paint... bad light, bad resolution, nice hat, does he painted it too?

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  3. Domenica 118 months ago | reply

    love the bold and graphic swatch of red...but the face looks blown out. another shot with more saturated color would be the keeper. not this one, though.

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  4. LeRamz 118 months ago | reply

    what exactly is this photo trying to say? Too grainy, and not in a nice way.

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  5. Iguana Jo 118 months ago | reply

    Big Red Mistake.

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  6. edcrowle 118 months ago | reply

    allnmy comments are subsequent with Domenica and LeTempest..

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  7. Jim Skea 118 months ago | reply

    There are quite a few good things going on in this photo: the echo of the graininess of the photo in the splotchy edge of the unfinished paint, the repeated red motif. I don't even mind that the subject is blown because that ties in with the wall. But once again I'm frustrated that I can only see this in 438x480. What is it with all these 480pxl wide/high images?

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  8. Jean Albus 118 months ago | reply

    Jim, could you enlighten me on the pixel problem? I don't get what you mean. I just diddle with the photo on Picasa then send it off. Is it something I'm doing?

  9. Jim Skea 118 months ago | reply

    It's just that the images we're seeing are very small. Their maxium dimension is 480 pixels. I'm sure your camera is taking these at a larger size.

    I haven't used Picasa for a long time, but maybe it's been configured to, by default, save post-processed images at a default size of 480? I'll see if I can find out how the current version works.

  10. Jean Albus 118 months ago | reply

    I do crop them, does that matter?

  11. Jim Skea 118 months ago | reply

    How are you saving your files?

    Using Export File? Is the export file size set to 480?

  12. Jim Skea 118 months ago | reply

    Well, it depends how much you crop them. It just seems a bit of a coincidence that this and the previous shot if I remember were both cropped to 480 pxl.

  13. webbetravel 118 months ago | reply

    this is wrong the way i like things to be wrong.

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  14. Jean Albus 118 months ago | reply

    Jim, I just import them and then when I'm done fiddling I email them to flickr. This is revealing my nearly total ignorance.

  15. Jim Skea 118 months ago | reply

    Hmmm... what's the size of the original images? Do you know?

  16. Jean Albus 118 months ago | reply

    Um...ya mean in pixels?? If that's what you mean you have to tell how to tell. If that's not what you mean you still have to tell me how to tell what size they are. I'm not trying to be a smart ass, either, believe me.

  17. ido1 118 months ago | reply

    To much light. Other than that it could be great.

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  18. webbetravel 118 months ago | reply

    when look at the properties for the img all relevant information should show up one way or another.
    if you use a pc, try right click.

  19. ziz 118 months ago | reply

    Pink, when you click on an image in picasa2 it should display it at the bottom of the screen in the "picture tray" across the top of that tray it should tell you the dimensions of the image

    if not, just right mouse click and select properties, the piles of information displayed should have dimensions near the top.

    you email pics to flickr? why not use the upload program or upload via the webpage?? perhaps that is whats changing the resoultion of the images in your stream...

    not that it bothers me, i have 1 megapixel eyes.

  20. Jean Albus 118 months ago | reply

    Thanks, all you guys, for enlightening me. This is the tip of the so-called iceberg of what I have to learn. I guess I'm in denial. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

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