XSpecies dinner : june 19 2010
Eyebeam hosted the Cross Species (xSpecies) Adventure Club, a supper club for humans and non-humans to explore a tasty bio-diverse future.

Each event is an experience of the depth and complexity of our interconnections with nonhumans, exploring the web that traces our gastronomic, economic and material interdependency with butterflies, snails, geese, bats and other intelligent and delicious creatures.

This supper club will presented 5 courses of foods delicious and nutritious to both humans and nonhumans, with wine, beer and edible cocktail pairing and a take-home.

The on-going lifestyle experiment is created by Natalie Jeremijenko, Mihir Desai (gastronomist superstar), Emilie Baltz of Fork & Design (design oversight), and other intelligent creatures.

Dinner was preceded by 3PM Workshop.

New York NY
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