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between worlds | by le bateau ivre (...pleins les tiroirs)
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between worlds

One day Nu-wa, daughter of Yen-ti the sungod, sets sails to the East Sea in a small boat. There's a storm and the boat capsizes. Nu-wa drowns, but she refuses to die.

She turns into a bird with a blue head, white beak and red claws. She is called Princess Bird and goes to live on Ring Dove Mountain.

Princess Bird wants to fill in the sea and turn it into solid ground.

Carrying in her beak a tiny pebble from Ring Dove Mountain, she flies to the East Sea, then drops the pebble in the water. She flies back and forth, day and night; each trip she takes another pebble.

The Sea roars, "Forget it, little bird. Don't think that you can fill me even if you take thousands and millions of years."

Princess Bird drops another pebble into the sea and says, "I will do it if it takes me billions and trillions of years, until the end of the world. I will fill you in."

The East Sea bursts out laughing. "Go ahead, you silly bird!"

Princess Bird flies back to Ring Dove Mountain, takes another pebble, flies back to the East Sea, and drops it in the water.

To this day, Princess Bird is flying back and forth between the Sea and the Mountain.


From _ 桑青与桃红 Sangqing yu Taohong_ (English Translation: _Mulberry and Peach_) by Nie Hualing


(photo taken in Bodega Bay, California)


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Taken on October 9, 2006