Nothern Gate | But, Yam Team | 1st Prize
A meeting point between two streets different from each other in nature: Yoseftal St., which is a central traffic route, and the pedestrian-only section at the start of Ort Israel St., which is the entrance to one of the Business District’s main arteries.


Create a public space that allows various uses at different times of the day, to establish a lively entrance to the Business District.

The But, Yam Team

Tal Gur | Israel
Matan Israeli | Israel
Haim Kazas | Israel
Sami Jubrane | Israel
Imad Jubrane | Israel
Ziad Jubrane | Israel
Kabała Dorota | Poland
Magdalena Juszczak | Poland
Maya Ober | Israel - Poland
Marta Florkowska-Dwojak | Poland
Christophe Barlieb | Germany
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