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American Renaissance vs. American Annihilation | by Chris C. Crowley
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American Renaissance vs. American Annihilation

Such a debate is raging here in the U.S. The ideology behind, "Give me your tired, your poor..." and building walls to keep immigrants out, seem to not go very well hand in hand, but here's the thing: when America was founded, people rushed to her shores to escape things like political oppression, and religious oppression. This is a nation founded on the premise that anyone here can make a better life for themselves and their families through hard work and be backed by the legal system doing it. Herein lies the crux of the matter.


My family, like most in America, on BOTH sides, were foreigners. they immigrated to the United States from England, Ireland, and Hungary. When they came, it was easy to get in, but not so easy to get UP! My family on my mother's side lived in tenements in New York City, in a predominantly European neighborhood. All worked hard with little outside help, and eventually managed to pull themselves up and out to a better life. All was done legally, with naturalization papers, and a new allegiance to a new country and its laws.


Now, we face a different scenario. People flood into America illegally. Some come to kill and change our nation to become something THEY want it to be, not what it is. Some come to get ahead, but don't go through the proper channels, and take benefits which should only belong to U.S. citizens, and that U.S. citizens often can't get themselves! While this is happening, tempers in Washington and around the world flare, as everyone has an opinion about what should or shouldn't be allowed.


Some time ago, being a post menopausal female who tends to be hot as a hornet most of the time, I decided to look around the world to see if there was someplace I could move where it would be cooler and still somewhat economical to live. I found the perfect place! It was New Zealand, with an average temperature of between 36 and 76 degrees year round, which is about perfect for me! It is also everything I would love about a place- having beaches, rivers, mountains, rolling hills that look like Ireland with sheep grazing, and palm trees that remind me of Florida! It's my kind of pretty!


When I began to look at homes in NZ, I found that the prices were higher than here, but for a relatively reasonable price, I could buy a very modest home with a spectacular view! That appealed to me, so I investigated further, going on Google Earth and roaming for miles down roads, taking in the stunning, almost people free views! I knew this was where I'd love to be!


The problem came in when I researched what it would take to become a resident of NZ. The country has 4 1/2 million people, which I also found wonderful, being sick of crowds and tourism. BUT, they don't really let anyone much in! They have free healthcare, so the rules are strict about who can live there. To reside there, I would have to invest $750,000 NZ in the country and prove I had $60,000 NZ a year coming in! If I were 9 years younger, and on the wanted workers list, I could get in more easily, but as almost a senior citizen, I would have to be rich! $750,000 NZ is a lot more than $750,000 US. So, my dreams of living in utopia were dashed! In fact, NZ is so strict about who they let in, that if you so much as visit there, according to their online government site, you have to prove you have a return ticket out of the country before they'll let you in, and a certain amount of money with you to show you won't be a bum living in the woods somewhere, lol!


Now, here's the point to my story: why is it that the whole world gets up in arms about the U.S. turning away people for ANY reason, while other nations set nearly impossible standards for residency, even for people who definitely would do so legally, and maybe even become citizens?! Why are the standards for the U.S. different from everyplace else? Should we not impose SOME rules as to who comes and goes, who stays, and who should never be allowed in in the first place? Just saying. That makes more sense to me than taking away rights of the legal citizens of the nation, in order to solve a problem that is caused by not being stricter about crime or enforcing the laws that are in existence already, but that's just me.


This was going to just be a Fence Friday post, but the image of the flag behind bars put a whole different spin on things in my mind. We seem to have become a country that is imprisoned by its own ideals, to its own harm, and maybe that should change.


Today has been 2 months since the Pulse terrorist tragedy in Orlando, some 50 miles from where I live. Yesterday, the local news was telling of a woman whose car was shot into less than a block away from where I work! It's not a bad area. Her son was in the back seat, or the bullet would have hit him! It looked like it had been a pretty big one from the size of the hole in her car door! Violence has been increasing, and it's not just because people own guns. It's because of WHO owns them! It's increasing because people who hate have come here. There's religious violence, racial violence, political violence. No end in sight. Obviously, something has to change and fast, or the United States will implode!


That flag behind the bars still means a lot to me. I don't know that it still represents what it used to, though. That makes this one of the most sad posts I've ever done. The changes will take us to either a new American renaissance, or to American annihilation. Please pray for us.

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Uploaded on August 12, 2016