Statement of Purpose
After leaving my full time game audio gig at Ubisoft Shanghai, at the end of August 2008, I wanted to hit the ground running, so I committed myself to create a new multimedia performance within a month, and “Statement of Purpose” was premiered on September 26, 2008, at Pecha Kucha #11, at Shanghai’s Wending Plaza. The text is a set of aphorisms I wrote on various topics pertaining to videogames, performance, and multimedia digital art, arranged thematically rather than linearly, and shuffled by a program I wrote in Max. Parts of the presentation were sung, and there were also various gestural stage directions algorithmically scattered throughout the script. Backdrop images were generated by shuffling and layering these same aphorisms algorithmically in Max, and the whole thing was accompanied by an algorithmically shuffled soundtrack of prerecorded speaking and singing.
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