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Alpha Rex new slide stopper for the legs

This is an NXT Alpha Rex new slide stopper.


I have found that the original slide stoppers (the little "flying" L things with the black rubber axle joiners on the end) in each legs were less than efficient. Also the robot has never walked straight for me. By replacing them with these ones that I designed, the walking performance and quality of Alpha Rex has increased significantly!

These steps will build you the new slide stopper for the right leg. Step 7 here shows how to put it on the grey 2x4 L shape liftarm that is part of the leg and holds the original slide stopper (you need to take that off of course).

In the right leg replace the stopper that appears without instructions on the 17th instruction image, just like on step 7 here.

For the left leg build the mirror of this design and use it to replace the slide stopper on image 28 in the blue breakout.

The new slide stoppers can be built from the remaining parts of the NXT set after building Alpha Rex.

Important! Once in place, make sure they are bending backward and into the leg without friction with other Lego parts, before Alpha Rex starts walking!

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Taken on September 1, 2006