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Turning a page on the iPad - the beginning to the end of the mouse as the primary ostension mechanism | by mikebaird
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Turning a page on the iPad - the beginning to the end of the mouse as the primary ostension mechanism

Turning a page on the iPad while reading Winnie-the-Pooh! 04 April 2010.

- the beginning to the end of the mouse as the primary ostension mechanism

You can even see the text through the back side of the "paper." Radical. Buy stock in Apple AAPL if you have any cash to invest.


My first day evaluating the iPad. (16GB Wi-Fi-only version $499).

This machine is all and more than I had hoped for.


I'm convinced this platform will become a major new computing and communications vehicle for the new generation. It has the potential to obsolete most things paper like textbooks, magazines, newspapers, anything printed for sure like calendars, cookbooks, club newsletters, etc. Shopping on is trivial one-click and fast and addictive.


Today in casual use I:

* Looked up a few words I did not know in the important Comics section. I now want my Comics delivered not just in .jpg format, but text-selectable format, so I can touch a word and get a Wiki-definition, map, etc.

* Checked the tide chart before walking the beach.

* Bought "Pages" text editor for $10 for the iPad - I expect much of my future writing will be done on the iPad, saved at MobileMe and/or Dropbox, and never stored on any local computer.

* Read and responded to numerous e-mails while eating six pancakes with blackberries, OJ, and coffee in the kitchen.

* Checked what's playing at the Morro Bay Bay Theatre, and then when I saw it was "Alice in Wonderland," I watched a trailer on iTunes, and then

* Put it on my Netflix queue. (Last night I watched SNL: The Best of Chris Farley while waiting to get sleepy). Movies rock on this platform in your lap.

* 3 minutes ago I received a CNBC news notification pushed to my iPad abut the 6.9 earthquake that just happened in Baja that was felt in Los Angeles.

* Looked at Flickr photos Joyce Cory took on her vacation to Arizona.

* Played music of course.

* Checked eBay and for some silk liner socks I wanted to buy for hiking, that keep my feet from blistering - Norma's Oats Peak Coon Creek Hike yesterday reminded me that was a past-due item.

* Checked the Morro Bay Surfline "Dawn Patrol" report to see if this might be a day to photograph surfers (nope).

* Tracked the location of my leather iPad case on its way from FedEx.

* "Talked" to Dragon Dictation which translated my voice to text, which I pasted into an e-mail to remind me to post this review. (I'm actually doing this review on my iMac, shame on me).

* Connected a wireless Mac Keyboard to the iPad via Bluetooth (so, that's just tool building, not really accomplishing anything).

* Took a break to read FML and found it is replaced by FMLOfficial (still free) - was entertained by a few funny stories.

* Listened to Radio Paradise while brushing my teeth after my blackberries and blueberries pancake breakfast.

* Updated Facebook and Twitter at the same time by speaking to Vlingo "Facebook Update: Testing my new iPad" where I found out Devra Cooper finished her taxes already, dang her.

* Checked the weather for tomorrow (Monday 4/5/2010) and saw there may be some showers and chilly (43-52 degrees F)

* Read part of Winnie-the-Pooh as evidenced by the above photo.


So, that's just a sampler of stuff people do, that can now be done with the iPad better, faster, in a more convenient location and time, than is possible on a laptop or desktop, and with a display 4-times that of the dinky iPhone.


I see this very simple iPad idea implemented in an almost obvious manner (that no other company saw or could execute on - shame on Microsoft and Dell) as the start of a revolution as important as the PC, Web browser, or mobile phone.


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Taken on April 4, 2010