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Two equestrian riders, girls on horseback, in low tide reflections on serene Morro Strand State Beach

Equestrians on the Strand

Two equestrian riders, girls on horseback, in low tide reflections on serene Morro Strand State Beach, Morro Bay, CA October 29, 2008.


Two equestrian riders, girls on horseback, in low tide reflections on serene Morro Strand State Beach


This is, as of 8/9/2011, my "most interestingness" photo on Flickr.

See www.flickr.com/groups/1_most_interestingness_and_why/

RE: "Be sure to add a sentence in your description field as to why you think this photo became so interesting/popular to the Flickr community."

A: "This photo got traction because it is simple - there are no distracting background elements. It looks pretty good in its thumbnail form. Rule of thirds applied gives negative space for the subjects, here on horseback, to ride forward. It tells a little story of people riding horses on a deserted beach at low tide on a foggy day."


Lesson: Simplicity is best. Don't ruin an image by including irrelevant elements. Point-and-shoots may yield a winning photo. This was taken with a Canon PowerShot SD950 IS, and is one of my most popular images at Flickr with 67,000 views and 950 favs, despite being intentionally over-processed.


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02 Dec 2009 Featured front-page Photo at TSSPhoto


Surprisingly, this snapshot taken with a just a pocket Canon PowerShot SD950 IS is amongst my most-viewed photos on Flickr (11/09 ~30K views) and has been over-processed with artificial gradients and tone - Thanks to all for the kind comments.


Two equestrian riders, girls on horseback, in quite a foggy day, with low tide reflections at sunset on Morro Strand State Beach 29 Oct. 2008. Michael "Mike" L. Baird Canon SD950 point-and-shoot snapshot. This photo has some "way overdone" Lightroom 2 gradient treatments applied: gold bottom-to -center; blue top-to-center toning. Serene mood.

Also characteristic of Montana de Oro area to the south.


Digital 100 Examples lesson: "More can be less." Sometimes the better photo is the one with fewer elements and/or a simple background or context into which a focus of interest can be composed. Notice the rule-of-thirds at play here as well, and use of the leading space to the right to lessen tension for the riders moving in that direction.


19 April 2009 Awarded #2 in Share Your Best with the World "reflections" contest.


24 Nov. 2008 Used in a Creative Commons competition, and by Eddi in Germany! And, alicepopkorn's artwork (again)... and more from Eddi. And, and ghostbones makes stunning drama

and by pareeerica

Actually, see a dozen derivatives at a contest here.


Jan 2009: Creative Commons use note - see this discussion at www.flickr.com/groups/textures_only/discuss/7215760992353... where my horses on beach image is the starter image in a mod competition.


18 March 2009 Creative Commons use note at Women's Nook.


18 March 2009 Creative Commons use note: charliegriffiths said: "I'd like to use your picture www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/2985066755/ in a

piece I'm writing about Creative Commons for the next issue of Photo Pro magazine: could you let me know if you have any objections? We'll credit you and link to your Flickr account accordingly, of course... Charlotte Griffiths, Photo Pro Magazine, charlottegriffiths [at} bright-publishing d o t com." I said: "That's fine - thanks for asking!"


25 June 2009 Creative Commons use note: Used in the Digital Photography School, 20 Effective Reflection Photos lesson.


18 Sept 2009 This is one of my most viewed and "most interesting" photos. It is now the seed for a theme challenge "After Dark Reflections."


29 Sept. 2009 Used as the first example of cool reflection images at Lightstalking.


05 Jan 2010 Creative Commoms use note: :: silecroft beach - Hello!

I'm writing a children's guide book the Lake District, and we're planning to use one of your photos to illustrate horse riding on Silecroft Beach, which is a sandy beach in the Lake District (see link below). Thanks very much for allowing your pictures to be used by us under the creative commons license. www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/2985066755/sizes/o/ We plan to attribute it to your Mike Baird, Please let us know if you would prefer us to use another name. Our guide book is going to be called Lake District Unlocked. It'll be a new type of guidebook aimed at children themselves, not their parents, and will contain irreverent illustrations, fun facts, stickers and fabulous photos. It's likely to be published around May 2010. Thanks once again, Katherine Hardy

A: Thanks! Sounds great! Best success on this project. www.flickr.com/people/mikebaird/#credit says preferred attribution process.


04 Feb 2010 Creative Commons use request, approved. hello.

I'm a design student and create a screendesign-concept. I

found the photo "Two equestrian riders, girls on horseback,

in low tide reflections on serene Morro Strand State Beach",

which I'd like to use. I want to ask you if it's enough

stating your name for this picture? kind regards, mick


05 Feb 2010, I approved this Creative Commons use request by Nissan (more below in a comment) "Hi, my name is Shin Osada from the INSPIRED BY ZERO Contest Committee. We are contacting you in regards of the use of your photograph below as material for our INSPIRED BY ZERO Contest. www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/2985066755/ www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/3011987508/

"A Journey to Zero", is a campaign sponsored by Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. As part of the "A Journey to Zero" campaign, the INSPIRED BY ZERO Contest will be held this February and March. We are inviting many Flickr users like you to collect a pool of 100 or more Creative Commons-licensed photographs, which we will let contest participants incorporate their own "ZERO EMISSION MESSAGE" to create a photo collage for their submission. -A Journey to Zero: journey-to-zero.com/ -INSPIRED BY ZERO contest blog: inspiredbyzero.journey-to-zero.com/info/"

11 Feb 2010. Nissan's contest, Inspired by zero exhibit, selection was confirmed: " Thank you very much for giving us permission to use your photo for our contest. We are contacting to let you know that your picture has been posted on our website below. inspiredbyzero.journey-to-zero.com/info/download . Please check our website, and feel free to contact us anytime if there are any problems. In addition, the INSPIRED BY ZERO Contest is starting on February 12th.The gold prize winner will be awarded with a Leica M9.So if you are interested, please read the contest rules below and help us spread the word! inspiredbyzero.journey-to-zero.com/info/howtoenter#alpha . The INSPIRED BY ZERO Contest deadline is March 18, 2010. We are looking forward to your entry. Yours sincerely, Shin Osada, INSPIRED BY ZERO Contest Committee, A Journey to Zero: journey-to-zero.com/ -INSPIRED BY ZERO contest blog: inspiredbyzero.journey-to-zero.com/info/


15 March 2010 Creative Commons use

Thanks for using my equestrians here www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/2985066755/page6/ under Creative Commons, and giving attribution. If you could link to the subject photo page and not just the parent property, people could find the images' source more easily. Many thanks.


25 March Creative Commons use.


18 May 2010 CC use with inadequate attribution. I said "This is my image, entitled "Two equestrian riders, girls on horseback, in low tide reflections on serene Morro Strand State Beach" sourced at www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/2985066755/

Rules for use under Creative Commons are posted at


I consider the above attribution to be a bit insufficient. I'm fine with use, but the source and author have to be clearly indicated, so that further re-use makes reference not to pixdaus pixdaus.com/?sort=tag&tag=girls horseback riding_low tide_reflections_by mike baird but to www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/2985066755/ "

www.flickr.com/photos/51193099@N08/4700626698/ where my photo here appears on another's photostream

* Copyright violation notice to copyright@yahoo-inc.com.

Michael L. Baird 15 august 2010. [abuse was taken down by Yahoo!/Flickr 16 Aug 2010] re: www.flickr.com/photos/mikebaird/2985066755/

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* My signature is attached (Michael L. Baird)

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Two equestrian riders, girls on horseback, in low tide reflections on serene Morro Strand State Beach

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* 15 Aug 2010 abuse at www.flickr.com/photos/51193099@N08/4700626698/ where the above photo appears on another's photostream

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"Mike" Michael L. Baird

2756 Indigo Circle

Morro Bay, CA 93442 USA

(805) 704-2064

mike [at} mikebaird d o t com

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* "under penalty of perjury, I state that the above information in my Notice is accurate and that I am the copyright or intellectual property owner and thus authorized to act on the copyright or intellectual property owner's behalf."

ref. info.yahoo.com/copyright/us/details.html


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