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20120601_12 Our great hostel (... the brown house, not the CASTLE) in Thurso, Scotland. Ahhhhhhhhh... | by ratexla
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20120601_12 Our great hostel (... the brown house, not the CASTLE) in Thurso, Scotland. Ahhhhhhhhh...

Called Thurso Hostel and/or Ormlie Lodge, not sure... But it was in fact visible from the station!


It was one of the bestest hostels ever. :) What happened:


We arrived in Thurso without knowing what was there - we just wanted to check out the northernmost Scottish stop on our train map. I had found only one hostel online, Sandra's, which was also the only one (???) that the tourist info girl knew about.


Carolin & Rat: "Off to Sandra's we go! There's NO WAY a hostel in this town could be full, LOLOLOLOL!!!!!"

Sandra's Hostel: *is full*

Some of the B&Bs: *are full too*

Carolin & Rat: "WHAT?!?!?! It's OK though... It's a bit cold here in Thurso but... we could just take the next train back to England or something. We were only worrying about a hostel because we didn't know if we'd get here too late in the day to go back, right."


BUT when we got back near the station, we spotted a giant-ass sign advertising this Ormlie place. It was unbelievable that Tourist Info Girl hadn't known about it. We followed the sign, which was... hard to follow, and at first we walked into some kind of... funeral home... But their back door did indeed belong to the hostel!


A nice guy checked us in. 15 pounds per night... FOR A ROOM OF YOUR OWN. :O I think we paid 20 in Brighton and 17 in Mallaig, for dorms.

And our rooms were a bit different but mine (at least) had a fridge... and an extra radiator and a wash basin and everything. :O LAUNDRY!!!

Carolin didn't have an extra radiator to begin with, but they brought one in when she asked. :O

Towels were free. :O

So were sheets, and the beds were already made. :O

And there weren't even a lot of other (visible) guests. :O POOR LITTLE HOSTEL!!!!!!! x) We got the impression it was some kind of side project for the funeral home...



Vegan FAQ! :)


The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See.


Please watch Earthlings.

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Taken on June 1, 2012