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The 37 movies I saw in 2017 :) | by ratexla (protected by Pixsy)
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The 37 movies I saw in 2017 :)

Only counting movies I saw for the first time.

Best: Not sure yet. Ask me again in 2027. D: As usual, I enjoyed most of them more or less, but some that stood out were Lion, Patriots Day, Hidden figures, He named me Malala, Swiss army man, King Arthur: Legend of the sword, CBGB, Horns, The revenant, The Martian, and Flame & Citron.


12-Jan-2017: 1. Lion


14-Jan-2017: 2. A promise


5-Feb-2017: 3. Jackie


23-Feb-2017: 4. A cure for wellness


4-Mar-2017: 5. Alien

Uh, it's possible I saw the whole movie many years ago. I certainly saw bits. But in case this was my first entire viewing, I'll include it here. :p


9-Mar-2017: 6. The end of the affair

"I'm not in pain, Father. I'm in hate. I hate Sarah, because she was a tart to your mumbo jumbo. I hate Henry, because she stuck to him. And I hate you and your imaginary god, because you took her away from us."

"You are a good hater."

"To hell with all of you!"



11-Mar-2017: 7. Taxi driver


20-Mar-2017: 8. Beauty and the Beast (2017)


6-Apr-2017: 9. Patriots Day


8-Apr-2017: 10. Hidden figures


16-Apr-2017: 11. He named me Malala


12-May-2017: 12. Victor Frankenstein


21-May-2017: 13. Swiss army man


24-May-2017: 14. The Circle

The best bit was when the pathologically social people came and criticized her for spending the weekend on her own. 2 days earlier I had been given a slightly similar talk… -_- Fuck humans.


28-May-2017: 15. Doctor Strange


31-May-2017: 16. King Arthur: Legend of the sword

Saw it because of Jude Law, OK:ed the movie, was introduced to the great Aidan Gillen, noticed and loved the score. Which was unusual and in-your-face, but hawt.


4-Jun-2017: 17. 5 flights up


26-aug-2017: 18. CBGB


9-Sep-2017: 19. Incendiary


10-Sep-2017: 20. Green zone


14-Sep-2017: 21. Frequency

Because Brian Greene has a cameo in it… :B


15-Sep-2017: 22. Ghostbusters (1984)


16-Sep-2017: 23. Flicka



17-Sep-2017: 24. Ghostbusters (2016)


23-Sep-2017: 25. Horns


24-Sep-2017: 26. Our kind of traitor


1-Oct-2017: 27. A Sunday horse


8-Oct-2017: 28. Aliens (special edition)

One of my fave phrases is "Nuke it from orbit." It's very useful. o_O I even have a "Keep calm and nuke it from orbit" shirt. Now it was high fucking time I saw the movie whence the quote came.


21-Oct-2017: 29. Ballet shoes


22-Oct-2017: 30. Alfie


23-Oct-2017: 31. The revenant



24-Oct-2017: 32. The Martian



The funniest part may have been when they referred to the council of Elrond while Sean Bean was in the room.


26-Oct-2017: 33. Amazing grace


3-Nov-2017: 34. T2 Trainspotting

The first movie was the best one I saw in 1999. I enjoyed this as well.


4-Nov-2017: 35. Flame & Citron



8-Dec-2017: 36. Disorder

I didn't know it had been filmed in Antibes and other nearby places… But watching it, I thought "That looks like it could be the street down to that Antibes beach…" (it turned out that it wasn't far away) and "That place across the bay looks like it could be Villefranche…" (It turned out that it may well have been! And it was filmed only a short while after I took the pics in the links. :B )


16-Dec-2017: 37. The last Mimzy

I only watched it because of BRIAN GREENE'S CAMEO! ^_^



Vegan FAQ! :)


The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See.


Please watch Earthlings.

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