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20080419 Frog embryos (pond in Gothenburg, Sweden) | by ratexla
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20080419 Frog embryos (pond in Gothenburg, Sweden)

This and one other photo [update 2011: three others!] by me are now on Getty! :D I submitted the required 10 pics to their Flickr group and got the reply "Thanks but we don't need this stuff right now", sometime in January 2010. I assumed that was it, forever and ever, and even quit the group while cleaning out my group list. Then on March 5 I scrolled down my Flickr activity and found "An invitation from Getty Images."


I had forgotten all about the "not right now" in their first reply. I also hadn't read their group rules properly... You get to submit 10 photos per month, not per lifetime! AHA! We'll see what happens. :B I do believe the two pics I have on Getty now are really among my best though, so maybe that's all there will ever be. STILL - WIN!!! XD



Vegan FAQ! :)


The Web Site the Meat Industry Doesn't Want You to See.


Please watch Earthlings.

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Taken on April 19, 2008