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    Here is the statement of work. Where the government talks about continuity of government and distinguishing the US citizens as the enemy.

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    1. blissJesus1 50 months ago | reply

      NCP's mission: To serve itself by raping the US constitution.

    2. jonayres1957 50 months ago | reply

      We have our Congress and Senate to thank for this. Obama promised change alright, stealing our rights and freedoms, no wonder Holder has been trying so hard to ban gun sales. Washington is full of Chicago corrupt politicians now. Obama knows he will not be reelected, so he is screwing up the economy so he can declare a state of emergency and stay in office, just wait and see, the exact same thing that went on in the 1930's in Germany are happening in the US now.

    3. Dashkatt 50 months ago | reply

      I know for a fact that there will be those that visit this site and will be shocked by what they're reading... These same people also voted for Obama but will now deny it. So, for my ignorant, uninformed forum friends I will add this oft mentioned warning: Elections have consequences.

    4. julie9533 50 months ago | reply

      They sure do, Dashkatt! Unfortunately, we all have to pay them, even if we don't deserve to. This is scary stuff, but no surprise. Question is...what can we do now, if it isn't too late?

    5. chucksweet1 50 months ago | reply

      Obama is going to be reelected very easily. HE is not the one to blame for the crap happening and he HAS been working to change the system for the better, the problem lies in the fact that in order to get to where he CAN make the needed changes, he had to go along with those that hold the real power until he can maneuver them into a position where the Powers That Were overstep publicly and hang their collective selves..just like the Republicans have already been doing by their intentionally disrupting and stalling the economy and blocking ANY and ALL bills that would help America and the World recover from this depression in Congress for their own political ends. Obama has allowed the public to see just how the Repubs operate and how they do NOT have The People's best interests in mind at all.

      Obama is a Master Chess Player and has been letting the PTW destroy itself, which it has been effectively doing quite well. Once the major arrests start happening I think we are going to see a very different side of Obama, the one who will truly bring on the effective changes that we so desperately need and have been hoping for. Do NOT lay this at Obama's feet, but DO expect him to use FEMA and the new laws that the PTW think they will use on the populace on THEM instead.

    6. DeborahLMW 50 months ago | reply

      Chuck, he says he's a marxist....tell me, have you ever seen the play book of marxism? He also says he is a marxist totalitarian...totalitarian? I wonder what that word means in your world?

    7. tbro99 50 months ago | reply

      I think Obama is playing along with them for now too. If he makes a move against them now they can plunge the stock market and destroy him. They control it anyway. Oboma is a very savvy player.

    8. schuetzen 50 months ago | reply

      chucksweet1 what is sad is that so many people actually believe that Obama has nothing to do with this. FEMA was originally set up as a shadow government to go into effect the minute a national emergency occurred which put this country under martial law and (possibly) wiped out the (now Communist) government in power. Obama is implementing all of this while saying "who, me?" much like the MAD comics character. Obama is a self admitted islamofascist who hates America and wants to tear it down to the point that we will have a One World Government - which will be Communist. Why do you think that virtually every head of the UN is/has been a Communist and from a 3d world government? The goal again, is to make this country no better than Mexico or Namibia or you name it. When that happens, it will not be without strife and "cold, dead fingers". Remember when Obama promised before the election that he would create a shadow army which would equal the present, Constitutional military in size and armament? Where do you think those will come from? From the streets, ghettos, etc and the prisons where wholesale conversion to Islam is taking place. That is our future, a take over of our country by Islamic armies from both within and without. Imprisonment of the White, Christian population with death camp overtones. Withholding medications, etc from the sick and elderly until they die off and that is what all these stockades and railcars, etc are for. Buy food, ammo and guns.
      Stockpile water, solar convertors, learn to live with the equivalent of what was available in the 1890s. Good Luck to all. And yes, Montana, etc have it right.

    9. ReaMayNTre 50 months ago | reply

      I voted for McCain and I don't think he would have done things any differently. I wish I had known about Ron Paul back in 2008, I might have worked hard for him- although in 2008 during election season I had no car, I had twin 1 year olds, and I was pregnant again. Times have changed a lot. I have A LOT to fight for and I am going to work hard to get Ron Paul elected.

      Now, let me say that while this is very troubling, not everyone is going to be able to fend for themselves in the event of a currency collapse or a disaster. We saw that after Katrina. I am not saying I don't think the government is up to no good because I do believe they are up to no good- but I would hate to think that people in suburbs outside of major cities should be left helpless against hordes of desperate city dwellers.

      Thank God I live in the country! Dang.

    10. ReaMayNTre 50 months ago | reply

      *not sure why I feel that I have to clarify this- but I am married and I was a SAHM. My husband needed the van to get back and forth to work. I was so disengaged. I didn't really like McCain but I liked him better than Obama. This time I am not going to compromise. It's Ron Paul or I am voting Libertarian.

    11. begne87 43 months ago | reply

      jesus christ is the only way now! the son of god. we have scam's election's and the u.s gov is a scam's also.

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