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    Here is the statement of work. Where the government talks about continuity of government and distinguishing the US citizens as the enemy.

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    1. drcherry777 70 months ago | reply

      I cannot believe this day is here? Sooooooooooooo.......Here we goooooooooooooooo!!

    2. AustinMan99 70 months ago | reply

      As a child I was always afraid/cautious with A. Mother(Father died when I was 6),B. Teachers/Principles, C. Policemen/Law Enforcement, and D. Any adult that knew my well known Mother. I respected all of these people, always used Sir and Ma'am, and followed their directions. Now as a much older man, I have come to fear a group that I never considered would come to pass. My fear now is of our/my government/POTUS,etc. It's sad and causes great anger when I think what is happening to us and the USA. We must stand strong and do everything within our power to assure the current POTUS is not re-elected. We must also prevent dozens of our senators and congressmen from staying in office. I cannot live through another term of our marxist,socialist,muslim,white hating POTUS. Please go to the library and check out the books written by BHO. It will send shivers down your spine. He and his henchmen must go. I don't like being afraid of my government. Our military may even side with their commander in chief. If that happens, we are toast. Please do everything possible to rid ourselves of this joke of a president. He hates whites, hates his white Mother and worships his muslim,socialist Father.Read "Roots of Obama's Rage", and "Dreams of my Father". They will curl your toes and make you wonder anew how the hell did this guy get elected. Now, by opening the US to illegals from Mexico(mostly)he has assured the votes of hundreds of thousands of people that should not even be able to vote.ACORN again will have untold dead/fake people voting. He must be stopped or our great country will never recover. Help in anyway you can. Thanks.

    3. RRLANDIS 70 months ago | reply

      After the CPUSA opened a new national office in Manhattan, NY in 2008, there was a celebration of the growth of the Party, its youth movement, etc. One of the comments made was: "The Party should be optimistic because we now have a Marxist headed for the WH." War is coming. Be prepared.

    4. mr427426 70 months ago | reply

      we the people its time to overth--- the go--.when in the coarse of human events.all american people its time .god bless america

    5. Skip126 70 months ago | reply

      Unless Americans do Something Before they start herding you all in Camp Fema you may as well put your head between your legs and kiss your Ass goodby "Peace" Throughout the World

    6. ionuniverse 70 months ago | reply

      If these people haul you off to a detention (consentration) camp, what is their incentive to keep you alive, considering the war on terror will never end, so you are LOCKED AWAY FOR GOOD? The more people there is in these camps, the less people there is to pay taxes. If you are never going to be heard from again, why would they keep you alive??? When they can be spending what money they have on protecting themselves and their agenda. WAKE THE HECK UP!!!

    7. rosechild87 70 months ago | reply

      hold up i thought that they re wrote the law so americans wont be targeted

    8. rosechild87 70 months ago | reply

      if they are doin this why are we standin by why not stand up we live here this is our home

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